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Economical Affordable Arai Defiant Character Helmet red|silver

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Economical Affordable Arai Defiant Character Helmet red|silver

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Arai Defiant Character Helmet.

For those who demand style, but refuse to compromise for it. Although much more aggressive as compared to its siblings, the new Defiant contains all the internal attributes that set every Arai apart from the crowd. Starting with our R75 shell shape, the Defiant also features our exclusive FCS cheek pad system, a multi-density one-piece EPS liner, micro-fitting interior padding, pull down spoiler and a Dry-Cool liner material.

Arai Defiant Helmet Features

  • Aggressive new styling on the outside Same attention to safety and comfort on the inside
  • Organic shell shape for superb Energy Management
  • New IC-4 Upper Intake vents seal more completely when closed
  • New ACR-4 flow thru exhaust vent allows greater air flow when open and reduces drag when closed
  • FCS R (Facial Contour Support) cheek pad design has 5mm peel away micro fit layer for greater personal fit
  • Cheek pads feature contoured shape, multiple density foam layer supported by a patented spring
  • New shape is easier to put on and take off
  • New water repellant material along bottom edge
  • Pull down spoiler works with new flared bottom to increase helmet stability
  • Meets or exceeds Snell M2010 and DOT certifications

Ventilation System:

  • Ventilation and aerodynamics are designed to work together to flow more air while reducing drag.
  • The new IC-4 upper front intake vents have a slide-gate closure that seals more completely when closed, allowing for a cleaner airflow while closed.
  • The new ACR-4 flow thru exhaust vent also allows airflow to pass over and through the vent, accelerating exhaust flow from helmet interior when open, and reducing drag when closed.
  • Brow vent ducting has been redirected to flow air across the temples, cooling the temporal arteries leading to the brain. The airflow then passes the ear pockets, drawing away more excess heat, and exits out the side cowls.

Liner and Padding:

  • Multi-Densiity (up to 5 in some models), Single piece EPS liner provides exceptional impact energy management, while keeping the overall size and weight of the helmet to a minimum.
  • Fully removable/replaceable/washable Interior : Comfort head liner, Cheek pads, Chinstrap, covers and neck roll pad.
  • Water repellent material on exposed areas of cheek pads and neck roll prevents absorption of excess water in rain conditions.
  • The added benefit of 5mm peel-away temple pads adds another level of customization, giving the helmet interior a little extra width when needed.
  • New FCS (Facial Contour Support) cheek pad design
  • Innovative and exclusive spring support adds just the right amount of pressure when needed while being worn, but seamlessly "gets out of the way" when putting on or taking off the helmet.
  • FCS pads are gently, simultaneously holding cheek and jawbone firmly for a secure fit, while making gentle contact to the soft areas of the cheek for incredible all day comfort without pressure.

Additional Features:

  • New IR Neck Roll pad has an improved shape to flow more air to the bottom of the helmet at lower speeds for improved rider comfort.
  • New shape also makes it easier to put on/off the Defiant , with less contact and pressure on the ears.
  • New water repellent material along bottom edge improves comfort for a dryer ride in wet conditions.
  • Hyper-Ridge reinforcing band, found on all Arai models, strengthen the shell around the large opening, helps maintain structural integrity under severe impact and carries more shell weight down low to improve and lower the center of gravity of the helmet for a lighter feel and less rider fatigue.
  • Pull-Down spoiler improves airflow under the chin to enhance the exhaust flow when you exhale, while also streamlining.
  • Used in conjunction with the new flared bottom edge trim, the Defiant proves to e extremely stable at speed and is a bit quieter too.
  • New IR front spoiler edge trim creates a stabilization down force, reducing buffeting, lifting and wind noise that can be generated by the turbulence trapped between your shoulders and the bottom of the helmet.
  • New IR chin vent offers much more than simply an aggressive new look, it also provides multiple functions with tangible benefits for the rider.
  • Position-1 allows air to flow through the top port and up the inner surface of the shield for de-fogging.
  • Position-2 allows air to flow through the bottom four ports to the mouth.
  • New design also allows for easy vent replacement.

Arai Defiant Helmet Sizing

To find the Correct size helmet for a person's head:

  1. Measure the head circumference one-inch above the eyebrows and ears
  2. Using the circumference measured, use the size chart below to find the approximate size
  3. Once you have tried on the helmet it should fell snug equally around the head. The helmet should not feel too tight or too loose at any point around head.

***Please remember that all head shapes vary slightly and that this sizing chart is to be used as a starting guide, not an exact guide.

Size Chart


Head (cm)

Head (in)

























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